Multimedia Diplomstudium


The diploma in legal studies is available in Austria at the law faculties of the State Universities of Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg and Vienna. After a four-year trial the University of Linz has also offered, since October 2002, its course as a Multimedia Diploma in Legal Studies. 


Multimedia Diploma in Legal Studies means...


...multimedia study material (off-line)     

The professors use all kinds of media (picture, sound, writing, graphics) for imparting knowledge. The study material is available electronically on DVD´s and printed in scripts. The students receive the study material for each examination subject from "media suitcases". They work with DVD´s off-line and they can choose extensively between electronic and printed material.


...the whole of Austria, the whole world is the lecture hall (on-line)

The courses, which support the discussions and the exercises (study groups, exercises, examination preparation courses, seminars) take place online on the internet. The professor sits with several students in Linz in a studio, cameras transmit via the internet ("streaming").The whole of Austria is the lecture hall. Worldwide, wherever there is access to the internet, students take part in the discussions, the professor observes the comments and questions on the monitor in the studio over chat-functions.



...the whole of Austria, the whole world is the examination room

The students take written and oral exams. Each written exam (course examination, diploma-exam) is based on the same exam work and takes place at the same time in several places throughout the whole of Austria supervised by the University of Linz. The students can, by special agreements, also take the examination in an Austrian or European (European Economic Area) notary´s office or worldwide also at the Austrian agency of a foreign country (embassy, consulate). The oral exams take place under appropriate supervision via video conferences. 



         ...personal contacts during periods of attendance


At the beginning of the two stages of study the students congregate at different places in Austria to work personally and without electronics with their professors during the periods of attendance. In this way they personally get to know their teachers as well as their colleagues. Apart from these periods of attendance the students are in touch with their professors and with their colleagues via e-mail, fax and telephone. Students establish several chat rooms on the internet, where they communicate with each other independently from the university. 



         ...high quality of education


The study is based on a modern curriculum of the University of Linz Law Faculty. Only acknowledged and experienced university professors teach and conduct examinations. The teaching methods and study material of the media suit cases have been worked out with international evaluation according to the latest knowledge. Outstanding professionals from the practice contribute to the lessons. The education is committed to European values, international scientific standards and practical professional demands.



         ...independent place of study


The living or work room, whether it is located in Austria or somewhere else in the world, is the university. The students need a DVD-applicable device (PC, laptop, ...) and access to the internet.Off-line they work with the study material of the media suit cases, on-line they take part in the electronic courses and also work with law databanks and with electronic data of the university libraries. Only during the two periods of attendance the students are personally present at certain locations in Austria. For the written examinations they gather at different examination locations in Austria, which are supervised by the University of Linz, in notary´s offices, abroad in Austrian embassies or consulates.



         ...flexible study time


The students work with the study material of the media suit cases (DVD’s, prints) offline at any suitable time. They can take part in the weekly electronic courses during the semester via the internet at the times of transmission ("live").The course remains on the internet for two weeks after it has been held, so that the students can also take part in the electronic courses at any suitable time during those two weeks. Time tables, semester and vacation arrangements are therefore not important for the students. The examinations dates are fixed one semester ahead, and as far as diploma examination are concerned students choose from several dates offered.


 two subjects at the same time


Society and economy put high demands on university graduates. Students often subscribe for two subjects. The multi media diploma study of law facilitates the combination of two subjects, for example economics with law, technology with law, languages with law. The combination of Austrian legal studies with studies at foreign universities is possible. Also, foreign legal studies can be combined well with Austrian legal studies.



         ...combine study with profession and children


Anyone who works in a profession can combine his profession with his study. The University is open to housewives and househusbands who are dedicated to child rearing. Disabled people who did not have the chance to study can take advantage of the flexibility of multi media study. Professionals can also use the study as a further education from their work place.



...maximum care and efficient study 


The periods of attendance, the study material in the media suit cases and the electronic courses guide the students with an integrated teaching method through the study. On the DVD’s the students enjoy single lessons given by highly qualified teachers, integrated examination sequences show them their individual learning progress. Via e-Mail, fax or telephone they are always in touch with their teachers. In addition, efficiency and flexibility of study, organisation and care considerably shorten the average duration of study in comparison to traditional attendance study while preserving the highest quality of education. 



...cost adavantages


All students at an Austrian State University – also the Multimedia students – pay a state study fee per semester. The students bear the expenses for a DVD-adaptable device (PC, laptop, ...) and for an access to the internet. Furthermore they have to acquire the media suit cases. Since the media suit cases contain all the required study material there is no extra expenditure for traditional learning material (books, scripts, ...). Living costs at local places and travel cost are largely no longer necessary. All in all the Multimedia studies offer cost advantages for students in comparison to those where attendance is required.



...see Linz and its university


The university is a virtual campus. The students can complete the Multimedia Diploma in Legal Studies without ever having seen Linz and its University. However, students are welcome to personally visit Linz and the Johannes-Kepler-University.